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Responsive & Flat Design

This theme is developed using Bootstrap 3 frontend framework which makes it fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices.

Retina Ready

Sharp text, vibrant colors, stunning graphics, sharp images, premium feel and beautiful vectorized icons on HiDPI (Retina) displays.

Theme Options

Add custom options for you ,you can edit footer copyright information, change color ,Footer widgets and much more.

Font Awesome Icons

This theme has a built in Font Awesome support. These are vector based icons that can be used in any color and size anywhere in the website.

Unlimited Color Options

It is a highly customizable theme with unlimited color options.You can manage the main font color ,second colors also backgound colors.

Awesome Support

We have an outstanding support team and we will help you free of charge. Some additional services and website development services are also available.

Plugin Support

This theme supports most if not all free and premium WordPress plugins. We did extra optimization for most popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, WordPress SEO Plugin and much more.

Custom Header

You can edit the navigate colors,text colors,background,link text color , header image and background image,and dropdown item color ..much more.

Free Supports

We are free to update it and please contact us if you have any question or any problems. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

= Version 2.73 – 09.27.2017 =
* Fixed style.css


= Version 2.6 – 05.31.2017 =
* Updated 4:3 image size 1200×900
* Escape `admin_url()` with `esc_url()`.
* Updated who has no access to add menu “Add a menu”.
* Removed `search-form` from `add_theme_support( ‘html5’ )`
* Added subject tags
* Updated prefix script handle , Localized object name and `customizer`


= Version 2.4 – 04.18.2017 =
* Fixed prefixed function.php L-20
* Fixed readme.txt L- 13


= Version 2.3 – 04.17.2017 =
* Fixed editor-style tag
* Fixed load_theme_textdomain
* Fixed set_post_thumbnail_size
* Removed post-formats
* Fixed untrusted data- footer.php L-41
* Fixed all console warnings


= Version 2.2 – 04.08.2017 =
* Fixed fallback for when no menu is selected
* Removed back-compat file
* Add info Proper Copyright/License Attribution for Themes
* Fixed Footer color options do not have the correct default values, some of which are difficult to read.
* Fixed Header color options do not have the correct default values.
* Fixed Link color, Main text color, Secondary text color do not change until the page is reloaded.
* Add <q> tag
* Fixed left edge of the container


= Version 2.1 – 03.01.2017 =
* Fixed style.css


= Version 1.4 – 02.09.2017 =
* Fixed function.php
* Fixed 404.php
* Fixed archive.php


= Version 1.3 – 11.15.2016 =
* Fixed unique prefix
* fixed untrusted data
* Fixed search form
* Fixed menu fuction
* Fixed styling with wp_add_inline_style


= Version 1.0 – 11.08.2016 =
* Initial release